Electric Heating – A viable alternative?

Electric Heating – A viable alternative?

It’s a common misconception that the only form of electric heating available is night storage heaters. For quite some time now, this has not been correct and modern systems now offer the same flexibility and controllability found in a gas central heating system.

Independent control on radiators and also central control via traditional style programmers and room thermostats enable the homeowner to set heating times and zones to suit their lifestyle. Having this kind of control helps to result in energy cost savings throughout the year.

Reduced Service Costs & Safety

It is also worth bearing in mind that electrical heating systems do not require an annual safety check, and there is also no need for any regular servicing. From a safety point of view, there are also no noxious gases that could potentially escape and no risk of any kind of explosion. There are also no issues with flues either for electric heating, which could be a significant factor when considering central heating systems for listed buildings.


Another advantage of electric heating is that it is 100% efficient. All electricity consumed is converted to heat. This is not something that can be said of traditional gas and oil based heating systems.

Hot Water?

Electric heating is not only limited to electric radiators. There are a whole host of other products available, including electric boilers and combi units.  Matrix Electric Services are able to work in conjunction with your plumber to provide a system whereby you can have a traditional ‘wet’ central heating system, but the boiler is powered by electric rather than gas or oil. This is something that could provide significant cost savings in areas without gas services, and negating the need for expensive oil systems and tanking to be installed.

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