Outdoor Downlights

Shaldon, Devon

One of our customers recently had a new garage built and as part of the works some new steps down to the house were also installed.

The problem was that at night the steps were too dark to be safe so a solution was sought to lighten up the steps when it was dark.

Having had problems in the past with PIR sensors being triggered falsely by animals and people walking past in the road, our customer decided to have a slightly bespoke solution – a photocell (dusk/dawn sensor) was used to trigger the lighting when darkness falls and to then consequently turn the lighting off when it gets light again the next morning. The twist for this installation was that the customer didn’t ultimately want the lights on all night when they were asleep. To remedy this, we installed a timer prior to the photocell to enable this feature to be achieved. The lighting is then switched off from between midnight and 6am.

The lighting installed was 3 x 7W LED downlights which were installed into the soffit of the new roof which ran alongside the steps and this creates an excellent light throughout the run.

If you would like some outdoor lighting installed, either manually or automatically switched please contact us on 01626 818280 or email info@matrixelectricalservices.co.uk