Computer Room Installation

Bideford, North Devon

A previous customer of ours is an IT teacher, and when he was asked by a nearby school if he knew anyone who could install a complete new computer room setup for the school he pointed them in our direction.

The brief was pretty straightforward – Design and install a system which included both mains and data cabling into the room for which there would be 24 new PC’s installed for the use of the pupils.

We installed a Dado Trunking system, which tidily routes all the relevant cabling around the room, and crucially keeps the data and the mains cabling separate from each other – a very important electrical requirement.

Safety was of the highest priority regarding the electrical system – with young students using the computers it was high on the priority list. The circuits were all split up onto individual 30mA RCBO’s to give the greatest level of protection against electric shock. They also wanted to ability to be able to shut off all power to all the machines in the case of an emergency, and a key switch was provided for the teacher to be able to do this.

We also supplied and configured the PC’s, and connected them into the existing network.

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