New RCBO Consumer Unit

Shaldon, Devon

We were approached by a neighbour of ours as they were having issues with their electric tripping out. As the installation was quite old, the protection provided to the household meant that if there was an issue on any of the circuits then all the power in the house would be turned off leaving complete darkness!

The fault turned out to be the circuit that feeds the old garage. This was then disconnected and the problems stopped. As the current fuse board and the 500mA ELCB were very old we suggested that the customer considered having us install a new consumer unit. It also became apparent that the main earthing on the house was not working, leaving only a bonding to the water pipe providing a means of earth in the property. The gas bonding had also been disconnected at some point, meaning it really was time for a bit of rectification!

The customer chose to go with a full RCBO consumer unit, meaning that every circuit has it’s own residual current protection and is essentially the best solution as if there is ever any problems on a circuit again, only that circuit will turn off and not the whole installation. We also installed a new earth rod and gas bonding.

If you have any issues causing fuses to blow & MCB’s to trip or would like a consumer unit upgrade please contact us on 01626 818280 or email