Honeywell Evohome Smart Heating Installation

Shaldon, Devon

One of our customers approached us and asked about being able to have better control over the heating system in their house. With small ones around, you need to be able to maintain a relatively consistent temperature in a room whilst they are sleeping.

The Problem

Previously, in order to keep the child’s bedroom warm through the night it involved the central heating system being on the whole time, and needlessly heating every radiator in the house when in fact it was only one room that actually needed heating. Yes of course you can go around the house and turn off all the TRV’s (Thermostatic Radiator Valves) on the radiators if they have them, but that’s not the kind of task you ultimately want to be doing on a daily basis.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could modify your central heating system to only maintain the heat in one room, whilst turning off all the other radiators? Well, it’s now possible, thanks to Honeywell.

The Solution

Now in it’s second (and significantly improved) generation, the evohome system from Honeywell enables you to do exactly that. Each radiator is fitted with a wireless thermostatic valve which communicates back to a central control system, and you also have wireless receivers (one if you have a combo boiler, two if you have a traditional boiler and hot water tank combination) which attach to the boiler.

Now you’re able to choose exactly what rooms are exactly what temperature throughout the day. If you only want one room heated overnight, no problem – all the other radiators will be turned off, and the boiler will only fire up to keep the one designated radiator warm, offering significant savings on energy used.

The system also offers remote control from an Apple or Android device and if your phone has an internet connection you can control and monitor your setup from wherever you are in the world. If you’re out on a walk and chilled to the bone, but your heating isn’t due to be on until later that evening – no problem, fire up the app, set the lounge to be a toasty 22 degrees and when you return home that’s exactly how it will be.

For more information and an introductory video click here.

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