Garage Electrical Upgrade

Dawlish Warren, Devon

One of our customers approached us with concerns about the electrical system that was installed into their garage.  It looked like it would have been installed by the previous occupiers and although technically not unsafe, it was messy and our customer wanted a tidier solution.  It also didn’t help that although the previous occupiers had a light switch for the garage light just inside the side door, there was no light switch just inside the main garage door, forcing a dark hazardous walk to the light switch at night.

The brief was simple; install a more suitable garage electrical system and in the process add an additional switch just inside the main garage door. The existing supply to the garage was to be left in tact as this was fairly well buried and not of major concern to the customer – the house electrical circuits were already protected by an RCD and there was a suitable fuse on the existing supply to the garage.

We elected to use metal clad fixtures – ideal for the potentially robust environment such as a garage and to use 20mm round conduit to route the cabling around the garage, giving extra protection to the cabling and also a tidy looking finish.

If you have any concerns about the safety of your garage or outbuilding electrical solution or like this customer, would just like to upgrade the existing system please contact us on 01626 818280 or email