Mount TV's on Wall

Newton Abbot, Devon

One of our customers got in touch and asked us if we could mount some televisions to the wall as her sons had been given flat screen televisions for Christmas and they wanted them mounted onto the wall.

No problem – we fixed both the televisions safely to the wall and carefully concealed the cabling within some plastic mini trunking.  As this was a rental property, the customer wanted to be sure that it could be removed should they ever need to move out of the house.

Wherever possible, we always try to conceal cables in the wall (either stud work with careful work, or chasing out harder walls and then making good again afterwards.

We also installed an 8 way digital tv booster into the loft to provide a television signal to both the boy’s rooms.

If you would like any televisions mounted to the wall, or would like some aerial distribution equipment installed please contact us on 01626 818280 or email