Time Delay Switches

St Mary's Church Hall, Dawlish Warren

We were approached by one of our domestic customers who was responsible for looking after their local church hall.  Their concern was that certain lights within the building were being left on after private hires of the hall which may not be noticed for anywhere up to a week afterwards.  With the cost of electricity ever increasing, they asked us if we could retrofit some time delay switches so even if someone left a light on it would eventually turn itself off, saving electricity and crucially saving money!

One particular aspect of the job was a little tricky though; some of these switches were pull cord switches and a time delayed pull switch is not something you can purchase off the shelf of a local wholesaler – come to mention it, most wholesalers just simply say they are not available.  So after contacting other electrical companies in order to obtain several quotes (as required by the church hall board), we were the only ones who had managed to source and could provide a suitable pull switch with time delay that could be used as a replacement.

We installed 3 pull cord time delay switches in their washrooms, and 4 normal time delayed switches in a kitchen cupboard and some individual toilets.

For the normal switches we used an electronic solution – a standard normal time delay switch works with a vacuum, and the light is on for the preset time.  An advantage of the electronic version is that you can set a delay time, but if you want to turn it off before that time has elapsed you can also do so, providing the potential to save even more electricity than a typical vacuum time delay switch.

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